There are some steps that you have to take before you are allowed to go on your visits, but The American Pig Association has a great training program for you here --->AMPA TRAINING. They provide tons of information to help you understand the differences between Therapy AnimalsEmotional Support Animals and Service Animals.

I could write a huge post on this subject, but that is not really why I'm writing this post. Not to mention AMPA does a much better job at it.

 I just had to tell you about these super cute vests that I am working on. I made a couple of them but I haven't gotten the design perfect yet and I was hoping that you all can help me with that. I want to make sure that I attach a harness to it so that you won't have to put on the harness and then put a vest over it. That would kinda hide the awesome harness that you chose. But if I attach it to the vest then you can show off everything all at once.

This is pretty cute right? I really love the patch. The one that I put on this vest was just a demo. The new ones are much better, but I still like the one on the vest since it matches so well. 

If you have any ideas that would make this better, please let me know. I usually use my customer's pictures as my product pictures. As you have seen on my site. Joy mini pig is my best model. Check out her Facebook Page Here 



crystal crabtree

Date 2/13/2020


Date 2/13/2020 4:17:43 PM

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