I love to help everyone pamper their pet pigs and I love to sew. Now I have the best of both worlds. I try my best to make everything as close to perfect as I can, but unfortunately I haven't figured out how to be perfect yet. So if you order from me and you are not happy with your product, please contact me.

I started making mini pig harnesses in 2008. Back when I used to breed mini pigs. I wanted to make sure that all of my customers were completely happy with their new baby. So no only did they take home their new bundle of joy, but they receive a take home bag full of all the things that I felt was needed for a new mini pig. This bag included a complete guide on how to take care of your new piglet ( this one is much better), a super soft cuddle blanket , olive oil soap, and of course my custom made mini pig harness.

I will admit that the first few pet pig harness designs were not the best and didn't last all that long. I didn't realize how strong they were when they were so tiny.
So after months of research and trial and error, I came up with the perfect harness. Well at least that is what my customers tell me.
My customers love the fact that a Pig Gear harness doesn't rub their pig's arm pits raw. Since the flannel fabric covers the webbing, it doesn't rub them like most of the pig harnesses out their do.


Thank you

Brenda Dupler
Owner / Designer/ Seamstress