Discounted Harnesses

It's that time again.

Every so often, I look over at my fabric stash and see so many of your favorites. So I decided to just make a bunch of harnesses. My stash was getting out of control. Good thing for you too, because you will get them at a discount. 

I even found some that I already had made. Yes I do make mistakes sometimes. Like making a standard size harness and realize that the order had custom measurements.  Or not rnoticing that I printed out an order twice, so I made it twice. I get brain funk sometimes. They are all perfect of course, just made the wrong size.  You may even get lucky and find one with a matching leash. 

Since they are already made now, there is no way to customize them. So you are in luck if your baby fits in the stardard sizes. They do adjust a bit, so you have some room . For those that don't, I am so sorry. But you can still get a custom sized harness on the Mini Pig Harness page. 

Check out the great fabrics avaliable here --->> CLEARANCE HARNESSES


 (within 48 hours ) 

 Please look at the title to determine the size of each product.  If you need help measuring your pig, please visit  MEASURING YOUR PIG

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