Discover the Cozy Revolution:

We understand the importance of keeping your mini pigs both secure and fashion-forward, which is why we've introduced these new flannel fabrics to enhance our "A" Style Mini Pig Harness collection. Imagine your mini pig strolling in cozy, stylish comfort – it's a picture-perfect moment!

Why Flannel? 

Flannel isn't just a fabric; it's a sensation. Known for its softness and warmth, flannel is an ideal choice for harnesses that prioritize both comfort and durability. Your mini pigs will not only look fabulous but also feel snug and content during every outing.

A Glimpse of Our New Flannel Selection

Explore our website to feast your eyes on the latest additions to the Pig Gear family. From classic plaids to vibrant patterns, we've curated a selection of flannel fabrics that cater to various tastes and preferences. Your mini pig's wardrobe is about to get a cozy upgrade!

How to Order:

Getting your hands (or hooves!) on our new flannel "A" Style Mini Pig Harnesses is as easy as a walk in the park. Simply visit our website [] and navigate to the harness section. Choose your preferred flannel fabric, and we'll handle the rest!

Benefits Beyond Style: 

Aside from being fashion-forward, our "A" Style Mini Pig Harnesses prioritize safety and control during walks. With adjustable straps and secure buckles, these harnesses provide a snug fit while ensuring your mini pig's comfort and freedom of movement.


At Pig Gear, we're dedicated to enhancing the mini pig parenting experience, one cozy harness at a time. Treat your mini pigs to the luxury they deserve with our new flannel fabric choices. Your stylish adventures await!

Explore the latest additions to our "A" Style Mini Pig Harness collection. Embrace the cozy revolution with Pig Gear – where comfort meets style for your beloved mini pigs!

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