Don't throw your old harness away, send it to me.

Has your pig grown out of his/her harness or has your harness just gotten old and you are ready for a new one?
I just started this great plan where you can send me your old harness and I will give you 20% off of your new one. 
As long as the buckles are still in good shape, I can re-purpose them. 

I don't even care if I made the first one. 
So even if you bought it from another company, I will still give you the 20% off discount.

Why am I giving you this deal? 
I am tired of seeing all of the pictures with massive amounts of plastic being discarded and ruining our environment. I know that this won't help much, but every little bit helps right?

Just make sure that you contact me first so that I know it is coming. As soon as I receive your package, I will email you with the coupon code to be entered during check out. 

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