After asking my loyal customer on Facebook what they think of my new exchange plan, I have decided to move forward. 

So, If you have an old harness that doesn't fit anymore, send it to me and I will email you a 20% off discount coupon for a new pig gear harness. .All I ask is that the buckles are still in good shape and not broken. 

I don't even care where you bought your harness from. So, even if it is not one of mine, send it anyway.

If the harness is falling apart , but the buckles are still OK, then simply cut the buckles off and put them in an envelope to be mailed to me. 

If  the harness is still in good shape and your pig just grew out of it, then send the entire harness and I will donate it to a mini pig  rescue facility or operation.




If your old harness can still be used for a rescue pig, just put it in an envelope and send it to me. I will donate it a pig in need for you.

If the harness is worn out, then simply cut the buckles off and send those. You will have 2 buckles, 2 slides and one D ring ( example of hardware shown below)



Please include the below information in your package so that I can email the coupon code to you when I receive your package. Make sure that this information matches the information that you will be using to order. That way I can track your order better.


Email Address

How many buckle sets:

How many harnesses:

I will send a coupon code that best fits the amount shown above. If you send 1 (buckle set/harness) then you will get a coupon for 20% off of one new harness. If you send 2, I will send you a coupon code that gives you 20% off of 2 new harnesses and so on.. Sorry, but the maximum is 2.



Mail the package to:

Pig Gear - 8321 Nevada St. Spring Hill, Fl. 34606

Once I get the package from you, I will email you the coupon code to be used during checkout for your new harness. 

I will inspect your harness and if I feel like it is still in good condition, I will add it to the package that I will be sending to one of the many rescue facilities for the pigs that need it.

That's all there is to it. You not only help your pocket, you also help a pig in need as well as the environment.

Thank you for your help