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Harness Grab Bag

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Your Price: $18.00
Retail Price:$25.00
You Save:$7.00(28%)
Rated one of the best pig harnesses on the market. Famous for the soft and secure design that make these harnesses unique.
Part Number: 106
Availability: Back Order.

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Time to thin out my fabric closet.
I have tons of discontinued fabric. I just don't have enough to put it up as an option to choose from at this time.

So if you are in need of a harness, this is a great opportunity to get a great deal.
Just choose the size and let me know if you have a girl or boy.
I will pick one the best choice I can find and send it out within 3 business days.

Sizes :
X-Small ( 11-14
Small ( 14 - 20)
Medium ( 19 - 29)
Large ( 26-41)

Sorry, no custom sizing with this product.

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