Does anyone need a new harness?
Well now is the time to get it. 
I started going through my discontinued fabric and realized that I have way to much in my stash. 
So I decided to give you all a huge discount.

Starting at just $15.00 each. That is a $10.00 discount. 
Most of them don't come with a matching leash, sorry.

Check out the huge selection. 
You can choose a size to narrow down the search. Because some the them have multiple size options.

And even better, they will be mailed out in 24 to 48 hours.

Get them while you can, your favorite fabric might not last long. But I am adding more constantly. So you may want to check back.

?? Thank you all for being so great. ??

Edit: Sorry this was supposed to be scheduled for tomorrow morning and I was going to put the address in first. OOPS my bad. Sorry 
Here it is